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Junior Fellows

Meet Jana Maria Urbančič, the 2021 ASEF Fellow from Argentina

September 02, 2021

Meet Jana Maria Urbančič, the 2021 ASEF Fellow from Argentina, who is currently on a visit to Slovenia.

“My name is Jana Maria Urbančič, and I come from Argentina. I am conducting my ASEF Fellowship at Herman & partnerji under the mentorship of Dr. Denis Mancevič and Ms. Katarina Likar. I have just spent my first two weeks in Slovenia, and so far, I am extremely happy with the received opportunity. My first few days in Ljubljana were amazing. I met other ASEF fellows with whom I have Slovenian heritage in common. Despite the high temperatures and the rain, I visited some of the most interesting sightseeing points in Ljubljana, and I even played volleyball in Tivoli Park.During the weekends, I visited my cousins who live in Leskovica, near Škofja Loka. We had a great time climbing Mount Blegoš and swimming in Idrjica. We also danced at a festivity, “gasilska veselica,” to the rhythm of Modrijani.I have also met my mentors Katarina and Denis from Herman & partners, who are very kind. Even though it has been only two weeks, I have already learned a lot from them, and I am really happy to have the possibility of working with them.I can’t wait to see and learn more about Slovenian culture and nature!”