Gorjanc Gregor

Chancellor's Fellow in Data Driven Innovation for AgriTech, The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh

Dr. Gregor Gorjanc is a Chancellor’s Fellow in Data Driven Innovation for AgriTech (Assistant Professor) at The Roslin Institute (University of Edinburgh). He is also affiliated with the Global Academy for Agriculture and Food Security (University of Edinburgh), the Centre for Statistics (University of Edinburgh) and the Biotechnical Faculty (University of Ljubljana). He studied Animal Science (engineer) and Genetics (PhD) at the Biotechnical Faculty (University of Ljubljana) in Slovenia. He is thrilled by whole-system (population) approaches and likes to combine various data science, genetics/genomics and breeding methods to address research and applied problems. His speciality is the ability to work across a range of species, including livestock, companion animals, plants, fish, insects and even some spill-over into human populations.

Research projects: gregor uses data science, gentics/genomics and breeding to manage and improve populations in diverse settings. For example, (a) to increase the efficency of producing food, feed, and libre, (b) to study and remove genetic defects in companion animals, and (c) to protect diversity of populations in the wild or captivity. Gregor is specifically interested in: (i) applied genetics and breeding, (ii) design and optimisation of breeding programs, (iii) methods for population and qualitative/statistical genetics/genomics and breeding, and (iv) analysisi of complex traits to unreavel their biological basis.