Jamnik Mateja

Professor of Artificial Intelligence, University of Cambridge

Mateja Jamnik is a Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the Department of Computer Science and Technology of the University of Cambridge, UK. She is developing AI techniques for human-like computing – she computationally models how people solve problems to enable machines to reason in a similar way to humans. She is essentially trying to humanise computer thinking. She applies this AI technology to medical data to advance personalised cancer medicine, and to education to personalise tutoring systems. Mateja is passionate about bringing science closer to the public and engages frequently with the media and public science events. Her active support of women scientists was recognised by the Royal Society which awarded her the Athena Prize. Mateja has been advising the UK government on policy direction in relation to the impact of AI on society.

Research projects: Professor Jamnik’s research projects focus on human intuitive reasoning while wnating to make computers think intuitively too. She builds computational models that capture informal reasoning – by essentially trying to humanise computer thinking. She combines artificial (AI) reasoning with machine learning techniques, and applies them to personalise medicine and tutoring systems. Dr. Jamnik’s research is in the areas of artificial intelligence, human-like computation, machine learning, automated reasoning, diagrammatic reasoning, knowledge representation, theorem proving, cognitive science and human-computer interaction.