Fain Nuša

Assistant Professor, Smith School of Business, Queen's University, Canada

Nuša Fain is an Assistant Professor at Smith School of Business, specializing in entrepreneurship and innovation management. She completed her PhD in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on process management within innovative organizations at University of Ljubljana (2010). Prior to joining Smith School of Business, Dr. Fain was a lecturer at Strathclyde Business School (UK), where she taught Managing Innovation, Strategic Global Marketing and Integrated Marketing Communications. She has extensive consulting experience within the field of product development and innovation management with a wide diversity of firms (including oil and gas, manufacturing and retail). At Smith School of Business, Dr. Fain teaches entrepreneurship and new venture creation courses on the Commerce program and supports the delivery of content for the individual projects on the Master of Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship program.

Research projects: Her research spans across the areas of strategy, enterpreneurship and innovation management, with an increased focus on implementaton of open innovation practices into mature organizations and looking into pedagogies that support the development of entrepreneurial mindsets in design students. Research projects she is currently pursuing include, but are no limited to: start-up mindsetd in corporate innovation, new venture creation in the gig economy and fdesign thinking for business. The majority of her research projects are practice or case based, relying on qualititative methods of data collection and analsis, such as case studies, design and netnography. The ASEF fellow would contribute to research in Strategy and Organization unit of Smith Business School, where key research focus is on the strategies and structuring of organizations, and how they relate to their economic, institutional an d social environment.