Saksida Tina

Associate Professor of Management, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada

Dr. Tina Saksida is an Associate Professor of Management at the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada. She obtained her Honours Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and Ph.D. (Industrial Relations and Human Resources) from the University of Toronto. Her research interests revolve around gender, racial, and age diversity at work and in business education, digitalization of work, and management in the non-profit sector, including unions; her work has appeared in such outlets as the British Journal of Industrial Relations, Human Resource Management, Applied Psychology: An International Review, and the International Journal of Human Resource Management. She teaches primarily in the areas of organizational behaviour, research methods, evidence-based management, and negotiation. Dr. Saksida maintains close personal and professional ties in her native country of Slovenia, where she has experience working as a project manager, research collaborator, and consultant.